Chicken Run by Nick Parks et al

Chickens go in, pies comes out

Mixed feelings! On the one hand, a splendid and entertaining movie quite unlike any else, what with the claymation with those facial expressions I love, but on the other not quite as good as Wallace & Gromit. The W & G shorts are so perfect everything must be a letdown.

But after a short while I realized the sensibility of Chicken Run was very different from W & G, and maybe one better suited for a movie. And, as I mentioned, every scene with either those small eye movements expressing so much or with a lot of action as the scene in the pie machine is worth the admission alone.

So GoGoGo, but avoid thinking about W & G.


  • Avoid the dubbed version like the plague, unless going with your kid(s)
  • Next Nick Parks movie will be a Wallace & Gromit one!

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