Hergé: Samlade verk

Good idea, but the execution...

When I was little I read and re-read my Tintin comics over and over again. As a result, they are now barely keeping together, pages are missing and some of the pictures have been improved by me & Olivia with our crayons.

So publishing the collected works of Hergé in 19 volumes is definitely alright by me. What's bad is that it could have been so much better. The design is, frankly, boring, the printing is by no means superior to the normal albums, and therefore they seem quite expensive. Also, it seems like a strange idea releasing them not one every month or somesuch, but instead 3-5 at once. At a cost of more than 250 SEK apiece, that is quite a lot of money to put up at one time.

Moreover, it would have been nice to include the different versions of the albums, too, and not only the final versions.

OK, not much about the comics themselves, but there is really no use: If you haven't read them, by all means do so; you can't find much better all-age comics anywhere. But this special collection is not necessary...



  • As of this writing (25 sep 2000), only four volumes are left to publish
  • All of the Tintin and Johan, Lotta & Jocko stuff has been published in Sweden before, but there is a lot of new Smecken & Sulan comics

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