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No defense is possible

OK, I admit that there is really nothing I can say to make these comics seem to be something worth reading. However, when DC started with these chronological reprints I was over-joyed. This is the only super-hero comic which I have a nostalgic feeling for. They are corny, very predictable and the desperate attempts at trying to be hip are embarrasing.

Still, there is a charm reminiscent of the first Star Trek series, a relentless optimism about the future. The ideals presented are nice and well-meaning but oh so narrow-minded...

The setting, for those not knowing, is the far future, exactly 1000 years ahead to be precise, where some teenagers have formed the Legion of Super-Heroes, a crime-fighting organization with such illustrious members as Matter-Eating Lad, Bouncing Boy and Shrinking Violet. And if those names aren't enough to convince you of the kind of quality to expect, nothing will...

My recommendation: If you don't know what this is, don't buy it. If you do, you probably still shouldn't buy it. I'm glad DC publishes these, and I'll continue to buy them.


  • Superman as young = Superboy = time-travelling = member of LSH (if you wonder what he's doing in the picture)
  • And yes, Matter-Eater Lad's super-power is to be able to eat anything.
  • And Bouncing Boy caninflate himself and, well, bounce

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