Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

A wonderful bagatelle

Three chaingang prisoners flee from prison in this the latest film by the Coen brothers. What folllows is a fascinating odyssey through the midwest in the 30s, with some of the most beautiful sceneries ever put on film. The landscape overflows with lush vegetation, filmed with an old-fashioned colour scale. Coupled to this is a musical score, filled with old time music perfectly complementing the pictures. And the characters are as quirky as always in a Coen movie: The one-eyed bible mongler, the scheming politician, the devilish police sheriff and so on.

This is definitely a film you have to see on the big screen, since a lot of what makes it so entertaining would get lost on a tv. It is not deep or profound, but as a cinematic experience it is perfect. It would be interesting to see what the Coens could do if they made a all-through serious film, but on the other hand noone makes as sweet bagatelles as they do.


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