Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

Surprises galore

Rachel is cool, Irish, lives in New York, and uses every drug known to mankind. And happens to be in love with Luke, who's also Irish, liviving in NY, but unfortunately he dislikes drugs and is about as cool as a long-haired hardrock fan in leather pants can be. So, what should poor Rachel do when she really wants to be considered hip?

I didn't know anything about this novel, buying it after reading the back of it, giving it to my friend Anna, and then borrowing it from her when she said it was good. And the book surprises, in many ways. When starting to read it, I was quite sure it was a pure comedy novel, hip, streetsmart etc, but after awhile it turns out to be much more serious than that (although it is funny all the way).

It looses some of the speed in the final part, but that doesn't really matter. I'd say it's perfect for those looking for an entertaining read which is not all fluff. I haven't read any more of her novels but have it from good sources that this is her best effort.


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