Rocky II by Martin Kellerman

Down-and-dirty in Stockholm

I miss this one. It was the perfect comic strip for a subway newspaper, being current, like seeing a new adcaqmpaign one day and the next seeing it referred to in the strip.

The sensibility also suited the subway, with the personae being very much city youth, hanging in bars, having/looking for sex all the time and so on. Also, you shouldn't underestimate the lure of reading about loosers, because most of the main figures in this semi-autobiographical strip are definitely in a worse situation than you are ;-)

Oh, and this book collects the last of the strips from Metro, together with some other from Aftonbladet and other magazines, but the Metro strips are definitely the best. The short format seems to suit Kellerman better than the whole-page format.

So this is the goodbye from a great comic strip, shortlived (just two years) but sweet.


  • Stadsteatern will be showing a Rocky theatre play in the autumn 2000
  • Kellerman has said that he plans to return to Rocky in the future (yay!)

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