Top 10 Book One by Alan Moore et al

No no no...

Sorry, just read my review of Moore's Promethea and you'll understand why I think this is a failure.

As for this comic, the idea behind it is a city where everyone is a superhero (or, with the terminology of Top 10, science-hero). Top 10 is the name of the city's police department, and the stories are very much like a superhero rehash of Hill Street Blues and similar series.

And this comic has absolutely no interest for anyone not already deeply immersed in superhero comics, i.e. noone else need to bother. Too bad considering what Moore can do, even when working within the superhero genre.


  • One of the few good things with this one is looking out for all the in-jokes on the signs (Personal fave: Man-Thing references on toilet wall)
  • As expensive as the other America's Best Comics at $24.95

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